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  • More than legalizing, our business is to carry out the whole legalization process. Those who do not know such process, those who never saw or who are getting close for the first time may think that the legalization is a mere bureaucratic action. But it isn't. To legalize is to know in details the land where one is stepping on. It is more than knowing to recognize boundaries, the limits, the dangers. It is to more, make you aware of the issues and conditions in which your documents, products or business are involved. Is to make you aware of your steps, obligations and responsibilities. And , mainly, to ensure your safety. Realiza our business to legalize yours. Legalizes since 1974.

  • "Our role goes much beyond the documentation. We make advisory and consultation for the legalization of activities with acids, explosives, flammable products, chemicals, armoring and similar actions. Our services are not exhausted on papers".

    Realiza has always been outstanding for the quality of service. From the beginning, when it started its activities, decades ago, it caused this to be its distinguishing point. On such basis, it built the columns that support its work philosophy, providing services for small-, medium- and large-sizes companies, both Brazilian and foreign. Its large commercial acceptance is also due to its technical capacity and responsibility. It is the only company in the segment that provides a certificate of warranty, undertaking all and any responsibility, begin also submitted to the provisions of the laws in force to the truthfulness of the information provided in the proceedings at the time of obtaining the public documents in name of the clients. Along the years, such level of seriousness and commitment has been notorious, making evident to the market the significant distance between the broker services and a full service. If you or your company require full and committed assistance, stamps and seals are not enough. You need the coverage and comprehensiveness that only a global company of legalization may provide. *To know more about our history, please access

  • "Our team is formed by environmentalists, lawyers in specialized areas, pharmacy and biochemistry technicians, administrative and commercial advisors. With such a team taking care of your processes, there is no reason to fear when the inspectors knock on your door".

    Only companies not prepared and poorly advised or that do not know the legalization processes fear when the inspectors arrive. Working side by side with Realiza, everything becomes absolutely up-to-date in your company. Besides counting on a multidisciplinary team, the directors have a broad expertise in the industry, with experience of several decades accumulated in the administrative, commercial, technical and legal areas. Realiza makes the whole advisory and regularization of activities with controlled products, pharmaceutical supplies, drugs, cosmetics, similar products and hygiene products, which activities are potentially pollutant and users of environmental recourses.

  • "Courses, training. More safety for you and your team".

    Constantly, the Realiza employees attend specific courses and training. They are also given for clients and non-clients, that is, all and any individual or legal entity interested in becoming aware with highly dangerous chemical products. *To know more about our history, please access

  • "The services that Realiza, from today on, will provide to your company".

    Controlled products command of the army – logistic command – co log, directorate of inspection of controlled products – DFPS – command of the military region and controlled products inspection service A. Registration title for manufacturers of controlled products. B. Registration certificates for any activity performed with controlled products, including shooters, hunters and collectors. C. Amendments, at the time of registration of any event of change. D. International certificate of information – CII, for those performing activities for foreign trade. E. Approval of proof bodies, attesting the resistance and tolerance to bullet impacts. F. Traffic guides. Intended to those that want to transport, forward or conduct controlled products. G. Maps showing the input and output of controlled products. H. Special permits for cases exempt from registration.

  • "Know the certificates of the ministries of justice and health that Realiza may obtain and regularize for you".

    Ministry of justice – federal police department – Division of fight against narcotics and division of control of chemical products. A. Certificate of enrollment registration, authorizing directors of legal entities to perform activities with controlled products. B. Certificate of operation license, authorizing the legal entities to the performance of any activity with controlled products. C. Prior permit for import, export and re-export. D. Monthly map, reporting the movement of the inputs and outputs of controlled products. E. Special authorization, for those performing any activity with controlled products. F. Revalidation of authorization of products license and registration. Ministry of health – national health surveillance agency – anvisa, state and local departments of health. A. Operation authorization, for the development of activities with contact yhe human health. B. Registration of production of products of consumption and contact with human beings. C. Revalidation of authorization od products license and registration.

  • "See what Realiza arranges before the environmental bodies".

    IBAMA – CETESB – State and local departments of green areas and environment. A. Registration of potentially pollutant activities or activities that use environmental resources. B. Provisional, installation and operation licenses, releasing the development of activities involving the environment. C. Certificate of release of license for the companies exempt there from. D. Cadris, releasing for correct disposal of disposable products.

  • "And when the matter is security. How Realiza may provide advisory?"

    Own system of private security. A. Certificate of approval of uniforms. B. Certificate of registration for operation with own security system. C. Security certificate. D. Accreditation of security guards. E. Authorization for purchase of weapons and ammunition. F. Maps of inputs and outputs of weapons and ammunition, weapons and ammunition for legal entity. A. Certificate of registration (collector, shooter, hunter, shooting instructor, recharging of ammunition). B. Guide of traffic. C. Craf – certificate of firearms registration. D. Authorizations, purchases, sales, transfer and donation of firearms.

  • "Everything quick, effective and according to the law. This is Realiza, this is our recommendation to our clients".

    To operate with agility and maximum efficiency, Realiza is headquartered in its own and modern building, with state-of-the-art equipment and an information technology park with server with large technical capacity, which stores all information of its clients. It also has a motor-driven fleet and messengers driving motorcycles, trained and skilled for quick and prompt service. It also counts on the possession and ownership of all public records required by law at all public spheres, as well as the legal accreditation of its whole director staff.

  • "Some titles that show or honesty and transparence but, for us, the better among them is still your trust".

    There were several ways of recognition by the public, private, civil and military authorities, such as: grant of the diploma of emeritus collaborator of the Brazilian army, emeritus collaborator of the army police, super cap gold trophy (for several years), trophy of highlight from revista securit, commendation – granted by the Brazilian association of the military engineers – personality trophy – granted by the legislative assembly of the state and more legalizes since 1974.

  • "Realiza. You and your team according to the law. Contact us now and leave everything on us".

    Our highly specializes team will be pleased to receive you to guide you as required. The level of our work and service will certainly exceed your expectations. We are waiting for your contact. 55 11 2185-9777